Insightful is very happy to share its knowledge, experience and insights by providing training. Our trainers have experience in giving courses for various target groups and sectors including the food sector, education, non-profit, SMEs and public services.

All training courses are interactive and customized.

Insightful wants to make the difference by always tailoring its courses to each client on the one hand, and by using innovative learning techniques on the other.

All training courses are offered in both Dutch and English.



Business Process Management

There is a lot happening simultaneously in your organisation. You would like to gain insight into your business processes, but you have no idea how to start. This 2-day process management training will give you tools to make your organisational processes visible. You learn to describe processes and to visualize process diagrams. This will give you a good insight into the processes which deserve your priority attention and with which you can support your customers and employees even better.

By drawing up a professional improvement plan, you can immediately put what you have learned into practice. After completing this course, you will be able to bring your business processes to a higher level. A good start to work more efficiently!

Lean Management

In this training you will learn what “LEAN Management” actually covers. You will learn about the origins of LEAN, you will gain insight in the power of LEAN management and you will understand the effects of implementing a LEAN Management filosophy in your company.

Moreover, you make the link to practice, to your organisation, your team and yourself! You will draw up an action plan to actually implement the tools.

The content of this 2-day training is built up around the following chapters: The foundations of Lean Management, improvement tools and the relation with change management.


What is the best way to tackle a project?

During this 2-day training course, you go through a project from beginning to end: project initiation, project charter, stakeholder analysis, drawing up a schedule, estimating and managing risks, following up and leading a team, and closing and evaluating a project. This training is very practical, and yet you will also get insights into existing methodologies: waterfall method and scrum.

Moreover, you will be given tools, templates and tips, which you can use immediately in your projects.


This training consists of 2 parts which can be offered separately.

Part 1 is about drafting an e-mail and the do’s and don’ts of e-mail traffic. The importance of concrete and positive word usage in e-mails is discussed, as well as building up a good e-mail structure (pace, structure and content).

In part 2, we look at the supporting software (MS Outlook or Google Mail) that you use to manage your e-mails. You learn to adjust the “look and feel” of the programme and of your e-mails (standard e-mails, signature, etc.). You also get tools to better organise your inbox.

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF-model)

The CAF is an easy-to-use, free tool to assist public-sector organisations across Europe in using quality management techniques to improve their performance. It is especially designed for public-sector organisations, taking into account their characteristics.

In this course we learn what the CAF-model actually looks like, how it is composed and how we can use it.

You will get all necessary tools to implement a self-evaluation according to the CAF-model, as well as a complete step-by-step implementation plan.

Customized courses

Customized courses are 100% tailored to the context of the customer.

This also means that topics can be mixed or that new topics can be added. Timing and group size can be discussed.

Concrete steps in designing a custom training course:

  1. Contact Insightful.
  2. Insightful organizes an intake meeting with you by email, by phone or at your location and makes an initial proposal.
  3. This proposal is finalized in consultation and is based on clear agreements.


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    Ingeborg is een heel aangenaam persoon om mee samen te werken : steeds bereid om in dialoog programma’s uit te werken specifiek op maat van de deelnemers of klant.
    Marleen Van Lierde

    Opleidingscoördinator, Syntra Midden Vlaanderen

    Ingeborg is for many years a highly appreciated partner on our journey towards quality, especially in the public sector. As a lecturer, she shares her insights with enthusiasm and motivates organisations to apply innovative approaches.

    As a consultant, she enables people to find qualitative solutions themselves and to create opportunities for the future.

    Patrick Staes

    Head of the CAF Resource Center EIPA