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Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, or employee, the Kaizen Business Game creates insight and helps you work more effectively and efficiently.

What makes this game unique is that you learn the power of process management in an approachable way and then achieve several learning effects, including:

  • Understanding of what a process is.
  • Knowing the terminology related to processes.
  • Understanding processes and their relationships.
  • Recognizing the importance of customer focus.
  • Seeing the link between customer satisfaction and the Value Stream Map (processes).
  • Getting to know hands-on tools for visual management

Added Value

Using the Kaizen Business Game offers numerous benefits:

  • Insight into processes, KPIs and their relationship to qualitative service (customer focus).
  • Play-based learning with interactive elements.
  • Available for both online and on-site training.
  • Real-time monitoring of results and real-time reporting of results.
  • Accessible to multiple users simultaneously.
  • A recognizable context (complaints) that is relevant to users with different functions, backgrounds and experiences.
  • Reporting on the results of the game itself, where teams can competitively pursue the best results.
  • Ability to customize the complaints according to your company’s needs.

The Kaizen Business Game is a powerful tool for companies striving to improve and understand their services.

Ingeborg Maes - Insightful


This game can be customized to your needs:

  • Use of Physical Cards or Digital Platform: Using physical cards, trainees playfully learn to understand process management and all related elements. Thanks to our advanced technological platform, training can now also be delivered using a digital application.
  • Multiservice case or 100% customized to your organization with a customized range of complaints.
  • Scenario adjusted to your learning objectives: Possible focus could be e.g. on understanding and establishing KPIs, visualization of a process flow or getting acquainted with principles of LEANmgt and waste,…


    Ingeborg is een heel aangenaam persoon om mee samen te werken : steeds bereid om in dialoog programma’s uit te werken specifiek op maat van de deelnemers of klant.

    Marleen Van Lierde

    Opleidingscoördinator, Syntra Midden Vlaanderen

    Ingeborg is for many years a highly appreciated partner on our journey towards quality, especially in the public sector. As a lecturer, she shares her insights with enthusiasm and motivates organisations to apply innovative approaches.

    As a consultant, she enables people to find qualitative solutions themselves and to create opportunities for the future.

    Patrick Staes

    Head of the CAF Resource Center EIPA

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