Why an explicit mission, vision and values are important for a company’s success

by | 21 March 2023

The importance of explicitly formulating the mission, vision and values in a company is often underestimated. However, they are essential elements for the success of any organisation.  In this blog, I briefly clarify these concepts and how they can be a catalyst in your business.

But what exactly does mission, vision and values mean and why are they important?

A mission statement is the core message of an organisation. It succinctly describes the reason for its existence and gives a clear picture of what an organisation does and why. The mission generates a sense of meaning among all employees. When your employees know what the mission is and how it is pursued, they are more capable to contribute to the company’s success.

The vision describes a clear picture of what the organisation intends to evolve into and how it will look like when it is there. A vision is an inspiring goal that motivates and involves your employees in the success of the organisation. But not only that, the vision also acts as a guide for the decisions and actions taken.

Values are the beliefs and principles that shape an organisation’s culture. They are the fundamental believes on what is important and how people should be the treated. Values define how employees behave and how they treat each other and their customers. A clear set of values helps to create a consistent and positive corporate culture and ensures that all employees are on the same page. Clear values facilitate communication processes and even help to attract new employees, namely those with the right attitude to fit your corporate culture.

Benefits of explicitly formulating and communicating mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values provide the framework of your company within which objectives, projects and processes are realised. The benefits of clearly stating and communicating this framework are :

1/ The focus and direction of the organisation is clear to all employees.

2/ This creates a sense of commitment among employees and allows everyone to contribute to the successful achievement of objectives.

3/ Your company clearly differentiates itself from other organisations by highlighting its unique characteristics. This can lead to better positioning in the market and greater appeal to customers and employees.

4/ It serves as a guide when making decisions. When decisions need to be made, the organisation’s mission, vision and values can be looked at to determine whether these decisions are in line with the organisation’s goals and values. This will ensure a consistent approach!

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