About Insightful

Insight before change

Ingeborg Maes

For over 20 years, it has been my passion to help people understand how they can provide customer-focused services in a motivated and efficient way.

I guide teams and organizations in choosing the right approach so that changes can be implemented in the best possible way.

My coaching is characterized by an interactive and pragmatic approach. Daily meditations, walks in nature and yoga inspire me and help me to stay focused on the customers goals.


Fast. Efficient. Proactive.

Our Mission

Insightful will drive the change that your company needs. We guide organizations in finding and applying the most suitable tool to improve their operations and policies. We facilitate the implementation of these tools through business coaching, consulting services and/or training

our VisiON

Insightful always delivers customized solutions because every business is unique.

Insightful is the “drive” for change in your business and always delivers up to date expertise.

our Values

Insightful collaborates with several partner organizations and actively participates in various networks.

Knowledge sharing, transparency and professionalism are the cornerstones of every assignment and every partnership.

Let’s get to know each other

Insightful helps you to gain more insight.

Would you like to stay informed about which tools you can use or if you have a specific question about this, please fill in the contact form below.


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